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Tip #2 Challenge to Respect & Trust

There must be mutual respect and trust! Loving to laugh together helps too! (Sharrie Jean Oliver Thompson)

A great deal of the respect from a Proverbs 31 Wife means that we strive to respect our husband’s decisions with a genuine trust. Respecting our husbands means that we let him make decisions. All too often, I find myself trying to be the leader in our home. This is a definite struggle for me . . . I often think my decisions are the right ones even when they may not be (shhhh, don’t tell my husband that I have actually admitted this). Sometimes, I make it hard for my husband to lead me and our children because I am always stepping in with the solutions, the plans, the “right” way to do things. If this happens continually, our husbands will begin to think that if we don’t respect them and their decisions, then there is no reason to even make decisions that guide our family.

If this is a struggle for you, I challenge you to start with the little things. Respect your husband enough to trust his clothing choices for the kiddos tomorrow morning. Respect your husband by trusting him to tag your extra money this month in the budget. Respect your husband by sending him to his upcoming physical alone, without a list of written questions and trust that he will still ask those necessary questions without multiple phone calls, text and emails to serve as reminders.

As you take this challenge (if necessary), leave a comment as to how you have shown respect. Our husbands will walk a little bit taller when they know we are respecting them enough to place our trust in them.



I am a mom of 3 adorable kiddos born in 3 consecutive years. I juggle daily with work outside of the home, managing a family, keeping a house, connecting socially, loving and adoring my husband, and seeking to grow closer with my heavenly Father each step of the way . . . however, this blog will prove my inadequacies in all of the mentioned areas. Humbly, I pray that as I journey through this world of blogging, I will grow closer to my Father and others will be drawn to His feet in praise, as well.

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