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One Big Thing

I’m reading a book right now, One Big Thing, which I will review for you all soon, but for now, you must ponder on this that was actually taken from another book, The Answer to How is Yes:

It is entirely possible to spend our days engaged in activities that work well for us and achieve our objectives, and still wonder whether we are really making a difference in the world. My premise is that this culture, and we as members of it, have yielded too easily to what is doable and practical and popular. In the process we have sacrificed the pursuit of what is in our hearts.

I shall add, in the process we have sacrificed the pursuit that God has planned for our lives.


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Today, A Special Day

I don’t normally write a post about my life in general, but today has been one of those days that I want to be sure and document as a reminder to myself of the glory of God and His amazing blessings.

Today was to be a special day in itself because today has been a celebration of our youngest child’s 2nd birthday.


Celebrations with him are so special because we know (unless God has other plans) that this is the last time we will reach these milestones, this is the last time we will have an innocent little two year old. Being that our kids have been so close in age, we have been so blessed to get to enjoy the “terrible twos” for the first time. Not that we didn’t enjoy them with the girls, but with Nate, we have time to really be in the moment with him since we are not tending to an infant in the same moment.

While I feel so blessed, I of course still have those moments of “mommy guilt” that cause me to feel awful for not being able to fully enjoy the girls as one and two-year-olds. But, life is getting to be so much more manageable, which is allowing us to have lots of special moments with our girls, too!

Before the big party, we spent morning worship at our home church, Woodlawn. What a special church!! I always feel the warmth when we walk in the doors. The people of Woodlawn are such a gracious family of believers ready to open their arms to God and His people no matter their circumstance. We had such an amazing time of worship! I loved how their pastor truly invited the congregation to worship in song with the soloists and worship leader. The Spirit of God was an amazing presence as we lifted our hands and hearts to God. Woodlawn memories will always be near and dear to my heart. I am who I am today because of God’s hand at work in me through the work of Woodlawn.

The service was the first worship service that the girls have been a part of since being old enough to ask questions. We are so thankful for our church’s nursery and children’s church, but it was kinda neat to have the kids with us (well, except for the loud outbursts and inability to ever concentrate fully in a prayer). I enjoyed being able to worship in song with them. I loved exposing them to the presence of God in such a mighty way today. I loved seeing Evylee pray along with us. I loved that one of the worship songs was a song we sing together in the car! I loved that the girls got to see where Mommy & Daddy were married. I loved talking to Evylee about the call to pray at the alter.

After worship, a quick trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru (Nate’s birthday pick) and naps (well, not everyone), we got to celebrate Nate’s construction themed birthday party with friends and family. I’m thinking it was the best party, yet! Low stress, low chaos, a happy little boy and great friends and family who helped cook, clean and even manage take-toys-out-of-boxes-that-require-screwdrivers-and-scissors for a precious little boy who thinks the world of Mr. Joel Zuber.

We are truly blessed. Today has been a special day, a day that will not happen again, so thank you God for creating today for us.

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Good Books?

We are going on our first real family vacation soon, so I’m looking for a few great books to take along. And, I’m praying that I will actually get to read them!

So, blog followers, share with me some of your favorites. 

Disclaimer:  I don’t like fiction!

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My New Journey

I am on a new journey, a journey that I truly feel is a ministry in which God has called me. Nathan & I have taken a huge leap of faith for me to pursue a position within a local school district working with middle school students. Most of my students are at-risk kiddos. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to love them, mentor them, teach them and guide them. I am so thankful that God has chosen me to lead them.

Middle school was the time in my life that I made decisions that truly impacted the rest of my life, so I certainly feel like this time is crucial for them, as well.

Middle school is when I fully committed to serve my Lord.

It is the time that I made the decision to remain abstinent until marriage.

It is the time that I truly began to worship God.

It is the time that I began my quiet times with my Father.

It is the time that I threw away my unholy magazines and music.

It was a time of true boldness for me.

I know that these students have the opportunity to make decisions now to be used by God forever. But, I also know that I must allow God to do the work in them and through me. I know that I was placed in this position to bring Him glory, so please join me in praying for my students, my staff and myself. Please pray that we are in the center of His Will!

And let me praise God publicly for choosing this path for me!! I couldn’t be happier!!