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I Simply Adore Him

I have been so blessed to get to be in a Bible Study with a group of ladies over the past couple of months. It has been refreshing to see them each week, to pray with them and for them and to be encouraged. It has also been a blessing to be challenged in my walk with God as a woman, as a wife and as a mother. I’m looking forward to many more weeks with them and the lifelong friendships that we are investing into each week. I encourage you ladies to get involved with a group of ladies that can serve in your life as encouragers, prayer warriors and accountability partners, as well.

God does not intend for us to walk this journey alone.

As I walk this journey with girlfriends, I get an even greater blessing of walking this journey with my husband, I man that I simply adore, a man that I truly admire. But, does he know that I admire him? Do I tell him often enough? Have I even told him that I admire him since I vowed to always admire him in our wedding vows? Through our bible study this past week, I have been challenged to “complete” my husband. As I work on this, one of the challenges has been to share with my husband (and the world) the things that I truly admire about him.

I invite you to join me in this challenge. It has been a great reminder of the reasons why I first fell in love with Nathan. It has reminded me of the reason why God joined the two of us together – we compliment one another. I have been reminded that he is an amazing man. He isn’t perfect, he isn’t like I always want him to be, he frustrates me at times and makes me crazy during other times, but he is my husband, the man that I worked so hard to impress in our dating days, the man that will be by my side for years to come, he is the man I simply adore.

Here’s what I admire about my husband:

  1. He is a hard worker. He continually amazes me with the ease in which he does his job. He amazes me that he will work for hours to make our yard look great no matter how tired or busy he is.
  2. He is strong. He has survived some really difficult times in his life and can handle difficult times with ease.
  3. He is funny. He makes me laugh.
  4. He is a fun dad. He is the parent that the kids run to for fun times. He would spend every waking moment with them outside because that is what they love. He will take them on golf cart rides and walks around the block. He will play basketball or catch for hours. He will build campfires when it is too hot to sit by a fire because that is what Nate loves.
  5. He values my opinions. Before he makes a decision, he talks with me. He listens to me. He heeds my advice.
  6. He is loyal, trustworthy and dependable. If he says he will do it, he will do it whether it be at home, at work, with friends or family.
  7. He is tender. He has a soft spot in his heart. There is nothing he won’t do for me or our children. He remembers the firsts in our family, he tears up in sweet moments. He cries if his heart is hurting.
  8. He loves Jesus. He serves alongside me.
  9. He has a very generous heart. He is actually much more willing to give than I am.
  10. He supports me. He encourages me. He is my biggest cheerleader.

Please join me in sharing your admiration for your husband. Comment below what you admire most about your husband and share it with him today.





I am a mom of 3 adorable kiddos born in 3 consecutive years. I juggle daily with work outside of the home, managing a family, keeping a house, connecting socially, loving and adoring my husband, and seeking to grow closer with my heavenly Father each step of the way . . . however, this blog will prove my inadequacies in all of the mentioned areas. Humbly, I pray that as I journey through this world of blogging, I will grow closer to my Father and others will be drawn to His feet in praise, as well.

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