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It has been a long, long time since I actually made a blog post, but as I have began to journey in a new Bible Study, I couldn’t help but write a tidbit about TRUTH, God’s TRUTH, His Word.

In John 18:37, Jesus told Pilate that He was “born . . . to testify the truth.”

So were we!!

My whole reason for being should be to be like Christ, to testify the truth of His Word, to share His love with others.

Jesus knew the truth inside and out – this should be the desire of my heart. And, not only did He know the truth, He was willing to give His life for the truth.

There are going to be times that I am ridiculed for the truth. There are going to be times when my parenting style is going to be ridiculed as I seek to lead them in truth, but if Christ was willing to die for the truth, surely I can take a bit of ridicule and wonder from others.

Often, it’s hard to truly in our heart of hearts believe that God’s Word applies to us all the time every day when it was written years and years ago, but God’s Word is enduring through all of the ages!! When I’m in the Word more, I see God’s Word come to life in my day to day life. When I make His Word a priority, I am able to use His Word to guide my every move.